About Us

What We Do

The Mac-Helper team consists of people who are extremely passionate about their job. We gathered the best specialists in IT and let them do what they like. These guys will guide you through the messed universe of applications and updates, show which update is better, compare pros and cons of different Mac operations and so on. Along with it, they will introduce to you the sliest life hacks on different topics and it is going to be something you’ve never faced before. Our team will prove you that the Apple world is far bigger than you thought.

Our main principles

We, as a team, don’t just write anything to fill the gaps on the site or simply to update it. We want to show you every single important detail that you can use while working on your Apple gadget. Our team urges to make everything useful, interesting and easy at the same time. We are not working for work itself, we do it, firstly, for you.

Our main tasks are to focus on everything that is even slightly related to Apple products, we are taking into account everything. We are highlighting every piece of news from Apple company and we assure you that you will discover things at first-hand. Also, we are going to focus even on the biggest Apple opponents on the market to see whether they are really that much as they claim to be. We promise you, as our target audience, to satisfy your interest, answer any your questions and share only truthful information with you along with our professional opinion.

Join us and be prepared to dive into the magnificent world of Apple technology. Share our view of the cyber world.