24 iPhone Features that will Facilitate Your Activities

by MacHelpAdmin

Do not lose an opportunity to use best iOS 11 features and learn about functionality that will make your life easier.

1. View notifications easily

If you are afraid of missing some notifications or just want to see them at a glance, use the Raise to Wake option. After enabling it in the Settings of your iPhone, it will be possible to see all your notification by means of lifting your handset.

2. Set Priorities when Downloading Content

We often start a dozen of downloads and then realize that some of them are more urgent. What to do? With your iPhone, it is easy to manage the situation. Select Prioritize Download after a firm 3D Touch press.

3. Manage Brightness of the Flashlight

Adjust the intensity of the iPhone flashlight via the 3D Touch press. These settings are very useful and easily customizable.

4. Activate Scanning of the QR Codes

Configure your Camera for reading QR codes by means of enabling the Scan QR Codes option. In such a way your camera will provide both functions.

5. Remove Apps that Aren’t Necessary Anymore

It is a common situation when we do not use a bunch of apps anymore. If you do not want to waste your time and delete them on your own, set your iPhone to do it for you.

6. Set the Camera Mode

It is always better to configure your iPhone Camera app beforehand. Tap the Camera icon and select the required mode, so that you are always able to catch the right moment.

7. Disable Web Trackers

Use Safari option to prevent advertisers’ tracking of your activities. For this, activate the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking feature.

8. Search Required Emoji Quicker

Save your time without scrolling dozens of rows of emoji. Type the text in the Messages and tap emoji. The word, which can be changed with emoji, will become orange. Tap on the word and chose among the offered emoji.

9. Find the Required Safari Tab

Use the search of the tab, which is available in the landscape mode, to manage your tabs quickly. This user-friendly option is available by means of hitting the tab button (has the shape of two squares).

10. Loop Your Photos

iPhone functionality enables to save some moments before and after taking a photo. Sometimes there can be a lot of great shots and you can make a video clip from them by using the Loop function.

11. Make Your Contacts More Recognizable

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Set the ringtone or upload a photo to facilitate identification of your contacts. Select the Edit option when tapping on a particular contact and do what you need.

12. Customize Video Resolution

Video with the highest resolution uses a lot of storage, change the resolution to save your space.

13. Avoid Weak Wi-Fi Connections

Select the Wi-Fi Assist option to use only strong and reliable Wi-Fi connections and avoid all related issues.

14. Manage Your Files

Drop your files on the screen and use the sorting menu to keep your content in order.

15. Set the Music Stop

In the Clock app, there is a Timer option available for you. Set the timer for managing the playing of your playlist and distract yourself on other important matters.

16. Set Custom Messages

Use the Respond with Text option to customize possible responses for situations when you cannot pick up the phone.

17. Protect Your Notes

Encrypt your important data by setting the password for Notes. With this feature, you will have no worries about information security.

18. Restrict the Location Tracking

If you do not like the idea that your location is constantly tracked, navigate to Privacy and make required restrictions in the Location Services.

19. Disable Read Receipts

The read receipts provide you with the information when the note has been seen. To manage the read receipts, select the Send Read Receipts option and disable it.

20. Make Your Messages More Expressive

Easily manage the “loudness” of your text by making it bold. Use the blue send icon for this. At first, tap and hold the icon and after this drag it up or down depending on what you need to do with text.

21. Give Written Instructions to Siri

If you do not want to provide your instructions to Siri aloud, use the Type to Siri option to enable the written commands.

22. Make Notifications Less Destructive

Disable Showing of the preview in the Setting if you do not like constant beeping of different notifications.

23. Send Money Using Simple Messages

Tight integration of messages with Apple Pay makes it possible to send money. Type the dollar amount in the chart, check it and send; it’s simple.

24. Change the Size of the Text

Manage the size and shape of your text with a few taps. The Text Size and Bold Text options will help you with that.