What is the Apple's W1 Chip Really About

by MacHelpAdmin

For some time, the use of W1 chip headphones and earbuds was not really cool as there were loads of complaints from users. Most of them were related to the poor quality of audio production, the really horrible low battery life and most of the time even the connection to the Bluetooth was a problem. Recently, however, there has been a significant improvement in their performance. Now, you can truly enjoy a 06 smart Bluetooth connection on your devices.

Apple created this chip with a specified agenda and goal in mind. It was solely designed for their Bluetooth headphones. The chip is present in the AirPods, Beats Solo3, Beats X, Beats Studio3 and Powerbeat3 headphones. These chips have been designed to enable the headphones and earbuds function properly.

To get the best of this chips you have to use them only with Apple devices. It is a Bluetooth supported chip so it means it can connect to any device that has Bluetooth working. It can also work on the Android and Windows phones and PC but certain features cannot be provided.

One of the setbacks of using Bluetooth is the fact that it can be really difficult to pair it with another device sometimes. There can be times it either refuses to connect or cannot find the other device altogether. So pairing was really never cool, most of the time. This brings us to one of the features of the W1 chip which is the ability for it to connect without any effort (seamless). That huddle of having to endure the process of pairing has been eliminated. With this chip, any time you feel like pairing your W1 chip headphone to any one of your iOS devices, pull them close to each other and see the magic works itself. A pop-up window will appear on your screen and all that is required is to tap connect and off you go.

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All other devices will fall in line to get connected as long as they are registered to your iCloud account. I only paired my Beats X one time with my iPhone and I discovered my iPad and MacBook have the connect icon ready without me physically pairing them. So, it was very easy for me to switch from one device to the other without stress.

Can you imagine being 150 feet away and still have a connection to your device that is insanely good you must imagine. Yes, the features of iOS 11 can be enjoyed with ease and that is what the W1 chip brought to play. Being far away from the device is no longer a problem as long as they are paired. One more thing the chip brought along is the increase in battery life. Using the Beats Solo3 as an example, it has a battery life of about 40 hours. So cool you must be screaming!

I seriously recommend to all Apple users to hurry up and get the headphones that have the W1 chip. This would come as a really good upgrade and the ease at which you can move from one device to the next will certainly blow your mind. Imagine the extra battery life and range that would come in handy.