Best iPhone Camera Apps You Can Find in 2017

by MacHelpAdmin

Now, good-quality photos are in great demand more than ever. Photography is the main source of visual information, from which much depends in the modern world. A particular photo can be liked, or not, it can fascinate, or cause disgust – in this case, much depends on the quality, value or meaning, the photo has.

So, what we are leading to, in our digital world, you can pick up a decent camera, or buy a gadget with a powerful camera. Apple, for example, is developing almost the best cameras for its smartphones, and you can see it for yourself. Well, the iOS Camera works properly and satisfies users with high image quality. However, many professional photographers want to get the most of their cameras, so they resort to using various applications for iPhone.

Today, we’ll discuss the best of them, namely Camera +, Manual, ProCamera, and Halide.

Check out These Worthwhile Camera Apps for Your iPhone

#1 Camera+

Camera + is a time-tested application that has been popular for a long time among Apple fans. This inexpensive camera assistant (only $3 on the App Store) has much up in its sleeve. It edits photos quickly and properly, even RAW images, has an amazing collection of filters and effects and is equipped with a beautiful and user-friendly interface for enjoyable use.

Camera+ has served as a solid photo-editing tool for a long time. Apart from conventional functions, like cropping, resizing, and zooming, Camera+ brought image stabilization and exposure control to iPhone 4. From that time, this useful application has been frequently improving its features and tools with the coolest updates.

(Camera+ lets you expose features from under the hood selectively.)

Camera+ App on iOS 10 offers the following features: touch exposure & focus, shooting modes, scene modes, digital zoom, horizon level, clarity, borders, captions, crops, and some others. This application has its own “lightbox”, where all taken pictures are stored, and you can personally choose which ones to save or to delete.

Using Camera+, you can enhance your images via its exposure function. This feature includes shutter speed and white balance, so you may either light or darken your shots. Also, you can choose from the palette of shades the desired color, light, and temperature for even better editing. You can adjust the focus on your photos by selecting its purple box in the app’s upper right corner. Furthermore, take advantage of clarity, a specific feature, which makes intelligent improvements to the dull pictures, bringing them back to life.

#2 Halide

Halide is a camera app of the new generation, which allows you to make works of art out of ordinary pictures taken on your iPhone. It has a very convenient interface since the developers tried to place all the main app’s functions on the main screen. It turns out that through a few sliders and taps you can provide the best photo editing to your images.

Halide is available at a price of 5$ on the App Store, and its main features quite deserve this price. First of all, in the default settings at startup, you can control the exposure by only moving your finger up and down the frame, which is very simple.

Secondly, this innovative camera app is equipped with a focus highlight helper, which is enabled automatically. But you can turn on the manual focus by clicking on the yellow AF (autofocus) icon and dragging it to the left. Halide uses a bright red color to ensure focus on your pictures, however, it does not provide a zoomed-in view.

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Also, when you hold your camera at a low angle relative to the floor, the two bubbles on the Halide screen move around and indicate the center of the future picture, and help take a shot at a normal level.

So, Halide offers good camera editing controls, but it’s not the best manual-setting app.

Halide has a unique focus highlight helper.

#3 Manual

For you to get more camera controls, we suggest using Manual for shooting and editing photographs on iPhone. It is a unique camera app, which provides manual features to a user when previewing and in the interface. So, what does Manual app offer for 4$ on the App Store?

Manual allows zooming and focusing manually, which will be extremely important in bright lighting. The focus is placed at the bottom of the camera preview, and you can easily move the focus slider. Thanks to a DSLR-like zoomed-in area, you will be able to change focus manually, which already makes Manual better than Halide.

Manual’s zoom-to-focus area is a big help in bright lighting
Manual’s zoom-to-focus area is a big help in bright lighting

At the top of the screen, the white balance (WB) is displayed, and with its click, you select automatic or various scenes, as well as determine the color temperature of the picture.

You can also adjust the exposure value (EV) up or down easily, and also save images in RAW and JPEG formats at each capture.

Nevertheless, Manual needs some interface improvements to increase its usability.

#4 ProCamera

ProCamera has a very detailed display, but it offers much power and plenty of camera controls.

With only 5$ on the App Store, you get the most powerful and beneficial camera app for iOS. ProCamera offers a large collection of different options for the successful photo editing, as well as the desired mode of manual control.

To start working with ProCamera, you select either Photo mode, or HDR, Video, Selfie, Scan, Lowlight, or Lowlight+ mode. After that, you choose which options to show up and appear from the menu. These include F/E Lock (focus/exposure), ISO & Shutter feature, WB (white balance), histogram, and format.

With F/E Lock, located at the top of the preview, you can control focus and exposure manually. An interesting fact: manual focus has only recently been enabled on such a professional photo editor, and can be seen in a preview mode.

Another ProCamera function, ISO & Shutter has three main conditions: automatic, showing the exposure value (the white button), Manual Mode that separates shutter speed and ISO selection (green button with M), and Shutter & Priority Mode, which lets you choose between ISO or shutter speed (green button with SI).

ProCamera’s white balance mode (AWB) allows you to select the temperature and color for the photo.

You can save a picture by a format of RAW, TIF, JPG, or combined RAW/JPG. This camera app also provides some special tools to edit RAW images.

The negative side of ProCamera is that it takes up much space, and needs slight improvements to its manual focus.

ProCamera offers everything you need, but you can enable or disable certain options.