Secure Enclave Technology. Protect Your Data

by MacHelpAdmin

I don’t know about you, but I do like to take my security and privacy seriously and I am pretty sure millions of users out there would agree with me. When the iPhone X was launched and there was no home button, there was a lot of curiosity as to what next. Well, the Face ID came in very handy and was sure one of the best security technologies ever to be produced on a mobile device.

Secure Enclave is a technology that will elevate your security status. Latest devices like Mac and iPhones with Face ID and Touch ID actually incorporate this to set up their biometric data. One of the great things about the Secure Enclave is that it is separate processor and, therefore, has the ability to boot and run its own microkernel, without taking into account the type of device it’s running on.

One more thing that the Secure Enclave can do is the fact that it can use certain private keys to decrypt data. These keys are stored in a 4MB flashable storage which is hidden or on the blind side of the operating system. If you are thinking that maybe it could be sync to your iCloud then here is the answer – it cannot. It can’t because it was specially built and designed for a specific purpose which has nothing to do with your storage processes which confirms the security for iPhone. When there needs to be some collaboration between your operating system and the Secure Enclave, there are the 256-bit elliptic curve private keys which will be used by the OS to ask the Secure Enclave for decryption of information.

What’s the need for the existence of the Secure Enclave?

Some may want to argue why they need this type of technology on a device.  It is essential because it is functioning with a separate processor capable of giving you that maximum security and protection and at the same time making it really difficult for intruders and any third party to gain access to your personal information. The only time anyone can actually have any type of access to your information is when they are holding your phone. I do think there can’t be anything cooler.

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Every now and then we hear about the devastation caused by hackers. Well, you can sleep calmly knowing they have got nothing on you. Because without proper authorization no hacker can be able to penetrate and get your information. How so may you ask? The operating system on your device does not make use of the Secure Enclave decryption keys.

This technology makes use of only 4mb flashable storage, obviously, from the size; you can tell it can’t really store anything large. That is a true assessment and correct that this space is not enough to store all your biometric information. So, it only stores the encryption keys which it utilizes for unlocking your biometric information.

The Secure Enclave is a highly remarkable setup which is particularly designed to create and use only a local key, it can’t work with any imported keys from other devices and that is why it is impossible for it to decrypt any data from any device except that one it was created from.

Can Secure Enclave be hacked?

Yes, it is natural to have a thought it might be compromised someday because there is no such thing as perfect security. But for it to be hacked the hackers will really find it unbearable for them.

Last year summer some enthusiastic hackers managed to decrypt the Secure Enclave firmware which made them have a view of how the enclave functions but it was difficult for them to get the encrypted keys which were stored on the enclave.

Clean Out the Enclave

According to Apple, whenever you try reinstalling your iOS, ensure you returned your iPhone settings to a factory reset. This way all the keys in your Secure Enclave will be erased.