Security Settings You Should Have on Your iOS 10 Device

by MacHelpAdmin

Many people keep forgetting about the security of their own device while having fun just using it. But still, there are certain security settings you need to have to protect your iPhone and your privacy.

There are some settings that you need to turn off. If you think you will go through rigorous settings, well, I am sorry to disappoint you. Now let’s show how you can secure your device.

Turn off Notification View

Just sitting with a locked screen and getting your notifications can be very convenient. Every time you get some spam emails, you know there is no need to unlock your screen to view them. But as convenient as this is, you are giving a free pass to just about anyone to see your stuff. If you cherish your privacy then it’s recommended you to turn off your notification view.

Quite simple steps just go to your Settings>> Touch ID & Passcode. When you finish entering your Passcode scroll down to Notifications off and toggle that off.

Protect your iTunes account

Something interesting caught your attention and you decided to buy it on iTunes. Just as you finished your doorbell rang and you put your phone down to answer the door. Your roommates stepped in, saw your phone and was curious to see what you were up to and saw your iTunes account open.

To pull a prank on you the roommate decided to buy all he or she needs on iTunes using your account. I can only imagine how mad you will get when you find out what just happened. This can be prevented by protecting your wallet by asking for your fingerprints before any purchase. Go over to Settings>>Touch ID & Passcode.

Stop iOS 10 access to your Mail

I am pretty sure you will feel bad if a stranger read through your email and you will feel your privacy have been violated. There is a feature called the Events Found. If it’s turned on your device, it will scan through your email in search for messages with date and time in order to add it to your calendar.

If you find this disturbing you can go and change it by visiting your Settings>> Calendar and scroll your way down and turn this feature off.

Keep your conversations private

Some apps have access to your microphone and can listen in on your conversations even when it’s not necessary. We do know certain apps require the use of your microphone like the Google Hangouts. If you want to restrict any particular app from gaining access to your microphone go over to Settings>> Privacy>>Microphone. Toggle off any app that you think do not require access to your Microphone.

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Stop Safari from saving your passwords

Most times we just want to save ourselves from the stress of having to retype passwords or details each time we visit any site. So we instruct Safari to save up our passwords. Yes! It can be comfortable but also very dangerous. Anyone who gains access to your phone will have access to all your passwords. Imagine if some fraudulent person now gains access to your bank account just because you left your password on. Stop this from ever happening by visiting your Settings>> Safari>> Password>> Edit (top right)>> Delete.

Disable LockScreen Widgets

It’s quite cool to see widgets on the iOS 10 when the phone is locked. Obviously, it’s great when you just want to go over some information quickly. The downside is just the way you can view without a password so can someone else. Turn this off by going to Settings>> Touch ID & Passcode>> Toggle off Today View.

Disable Raise to Wake

There is the feature called Raise To Wake. When there is any slight movement, it turns on and the same vein just about anybody can view your unread notifications.

To turn it off, go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Turn off Raise to Wake.

Factory reset after 10 passcode attempts

This can come in handy when you really need it. But you have to backup your data to use this feature. Usually not the best choice when it comes to anyone prying into your privacy.

If you’re going to use this feature, it’s a good idea to have a complete backup of your data. If you were ever to lose your iOS device, this device could be a real lifesaver.

Go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Erase Data.


I think most people pay less attention to their privacy and always learn the hard way. But now, after seeing the dangers of keeping certain features on, pay more attention. Do not be careless.