How to Clean a Mac: Find the Most Convenient Way

by MacHelpAdmin

Some Mac users, while looking for some free space on a device, urgently want to clear all caches and temporary files. Usually, those files are partially completed downloads, messaging cache, app-specific temp files and caches, web browser cache and history and much more.

However, cleaning in such way is not the best solution. The point is that this cleaning procedure is not a must and as a result, it won’t show lots of free gigabytes and perfect app performance. Actually, it is helpful only when you experience difficulties with the specific app. In this case, it can help to boost the app itself, but not the whole operating system.

How to clean a mac caches and temporary files through the app

If you are sure that cleaning caches and temporary files will definitely help you, then you can do it either yourself or use special applications. For instance, the recent launch of MacFly Pro received a lot of positive responses and consider to be one of the best on the market these days. So, how to clean a mac using MacFly Pro:

  1. Download its trial or full version
  2. Install (use admin rights)
  3. Launch
  4. Ready to go!
  5. Scan your system in few clicks
  6. Press to clean all

The interface is clear and simple enough.

How to clean a mac caches and temporary files manually

Backing up is extremely important part while cleaning up the OS. In case something goes wrong, you won’t lose any piece of your information. The easiest way to back up all the data is to use a built-in app, Time Machine.

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Option 1

Using this method, you have to go to Finder -Hold down the SHIFT key (in Sierra) or OPTION / ALT key (Earlier) – Go (in the menu in the Finder) – Library – Caches folder.

There, choose all the cache and temporary files you want to delete and move them into the Trash, after that you should clean the Trash as well, otherwise the whole procedure won’t be effective.

However, if you want to delete the specific cache from a browser, for instance, you’d better do it through the browser itself than through the general settings.

Option 2

Unfortunately, there are some cache and temporary files that can’t be deleted or their absence will affect the work of the whole device. If you are not sure that you can clean up the unused files without affecting the important details, there is another method of getting rid of the trash. This way is considered to be the safest and the easiest one. All you have to do is to reboot your Mac.

Rebooting the system automatically deletes temporary files from the computer and guarantees that the performance of your gadget won’t be intervened.