How to Clean Mac Trash on Mac

by MacHelpAdmin

Removing all trash in your Mac’s trash bin does not mean that you have deleted them completely. Some recovery applications can find them back. To avoid some serious issues inside your system, for example, battery life troubles, you need to learn how to clean trash on mac correctly. There are two possible ways: the manual method of cleaning and the same process through a trusted application. As you know, the manual method can be very hard and sometimes it can lead to some problems, which affect the overall performance of your Mac. That is why we highly recommend you use a trusted software.

Nowadays, there are many useful applications, which were created for such purposes. If you want to solve this problem once for all, consider MacFly Pro app. This simple app has a combination of three unique features (Smart Assistant, Cleanup and Tools) to help you easily scan the system, find some issues and remove them in few simple clicks. Through MacFly Pro app, you can also customize folders. It will help you make deep clean or provide you with useful daily tips. More methods find below. Let’s dive into it.

Method #1

If you see that your trash can mac is full and you empty it by a simple click, it does mean you have deleted all files. They may remain in your MacBook. Apple considered it and made a special Secure Empty Trash option, which can be helpful if you need to overwrite the removed files. However, this option is available only for users on OS X Yosemite and earlier. If you do not use it – learn about other methods.

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  1. Finder > choose “Secure Empty Trash.”
  2. Press ‘Secure Empty Trash’ to confirm it.
  3. After few seconds, trash mac will be emptied.

Method #2

This method you can proceed through using Terminal. In some situations, you can empty trash. Some files may be ‘still in use’ even though you know they are not. This method can help you force clean these files. Follow these steps:

  1. Finder > Applications > Utilities > launch ‘Terminal’.
  2. Type the following command: srm –v followed by a space.
  3. Drag a file from Finder to the Terminal windows, and then press Enter. A file will be securely deleted.

Method #3. How to empty trash on Mac with MacFly Pro

We’ve already mentioned that the best way how to clean trash on mac could be done through a trusted application. In our case, we suggest using MacFly Pro, which can easily clean out your trash in few seconds.

The ‘Tools’ feature can delete all unnecessary files or leftovers from the Trash bin. It only takes few seconds after you click on it. Moreover, after the successful cleaning process, you will get tips on how to improve the overall performance of your MacBook, including notifications whether you have some additional issues or not.

Key features:

  1. Cleans unwanted files to free up more space.
  2. Monitors Mac activity status.
  3. Compatible with all Macs.

All methods we have described above is the best solution regarding the cleaning trash on Mac. To avoid some mistakes or possible issues, it is highly recommended to use software, which can help you fix this properly.