General Instruction on Cache Management in Your Mac

by MacHelpAdmin

There is nothing unusual if Mac, generally like any other computer, starts to delay after using it for some time. A user has to maintain its perfect condition properly. In order to save your Mac’s great state, it is necessary to clean it time after time. This instruction tells about how to clean cookies on a Mac correctly.

Cache cleaning on your Mac computer traditionally causes performance increase, which continues for some weeks or months as well. Cache stored files are used by some applications or a system. Apps along with the OS must delete their temporary data to clean the short-term memory of the device; however, it rarely takes place, in fact. As soon as the cache is full of unnecessary information, a Mac requires more time to get the necessary temporary data. It can also be hard to keep the new data in such cache. And this is the place where you should ask yourself: “how do i clean up cookies on my mac?”

First of all, one has to know the way to delete all caches on Macs. The essential Mac cache files are usually contained in the folder named Library. To open it, a user has to open Finder and navigate to /Library/Caches. You must get some types of files and folders that belong to different applications. Apart from that, you don’t have to forget that NOT everything from the cache folder is allowed to be removed. Some of the users keep their data as credentials there. Therefore, you should do it with caution and delete only those files that precisely contain unnecessary information.

Also, users may execute deleting the DNS cache that has some of the old entries inside. They retranslate domain names directly to the IP addresses. This procedure allows users to type the name of the website like instead of typing the numbers like 34.462.353.255. One can clear the DNS cache by typing in a single command:

sudo dscacheutil –flushcache; sudo killall –HUP mDNSResponder; say cache flushed

You just have to copy it into the Terminal and press Enter. After this process, you will have to type in your password, and the command will be executed. Only after these steps, you will need to restart your Mac to be done with clearing cache.

How to Clean Cookies on a Mac

All cookies can be considered as small data fragments that are commonly sent from the web pages. One will be able to think about them as little drives that Internet websites use to save different information. It is usually keeping some personal information like your login condition, entered personal data, or any info from your bank cards.

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However, not all of the cookies are equal. One has to consider that some of the cookies represent a great danger. For instance, so-called tracking cookies are kept within the operating system for quite a long time. They are picking up long-term records from the Internet browsing history and are sending information to different firms.

Safari is used as a primary browser for all Mac devices. A user has to go to Preferences and find the Privacy section to manage cookies. After this, one has to click Manage Website Data, select the websites, and push the button named Remove. Additionally, a user can also choose Remove All option and get rid of all the cookies.

Having removed them from your Safari browser, there will be a need to log in to your favorite websites again. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will require you to fill in the needed fields for the second time. However, it is important to know how to remove cookies on Macs to increase overall speed and privacy of your PC.

Cookies Management in Chrome Web Browser

Disabling Cookies in Chrome Web Browser on a Mac

There can be a number of some circumstances, due to which you may need to turn off the cookies and avoid all associated problems of security and confidentiality. So, how to clean your cookies on a mac Chrome? In the Chrome browser, you can turn off the cookies by selecting Settings, Show advanced settings, and go to Content Settings in the section of Privacy. Within the Cookies section, you just have to uncheck Allow feature for disabling the use of cookies. Notably, to re-enable the use of cookies, you will need to recheck the field and restart the browser.

Removing Cookies from Chrome Web Browser on a Mac

If one doesn’t know how to clean out cookies on Mac and wants to remove the cookies of Chrome Web Browser, the process is also as simple as that. First of all, go to 3 dots on the toolbar of the browser; choose More Tools and Clear Browsing Data. Afterwards, check the cookies box. Eventually, decide on the size of data to be removed in the menu located at the top side. Also, a feature of deleting only the last hour data is quite relevant and useful. In everyday browsing, you may sometimes visit some suspicious websites. You will not have to remove all the cookies and log into the favorite sites for the second time. Thus, you will be able to limit the clearing amount of the last hour’s cookies of Internet browsing.