Getting the Emergency SOS Running on Your Device

by MacHelpAdmin

Amazingly, Apple brought into existence a new feature to the iPhone, known as Emergency SOS.

The Emergency SOS is so impressive because of the enormous functions it possesses. Let’s take a glimpse of what it does.

To use this Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone 7 or any type of iPhone, it would be expected of you to press down the power button for about five times promptly. If you won’t manage to press the power button for up to five times – the Emergency SOS option won’t be displayed.

For those using an iPhone 8, 8 plus or iPhoneX to be able to get access to this Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone you would need to press and hold onto both one of the volume buttons and control button at the same time.

Below is the list of Emergency SOS benefits:

  1. It helps to lock your phone for privacy.
  2. It can disable both Face ID and Touch ID.

According to the US law, the police can ask you to unlock your phone with Face or Touch ID but they can’t make you enter your password. This serves as a way to protect your contact’s information and data on your iPhone and to prevent anyone else from knowing your password. Therefore, it does provide security to your iPhone.

Another benefit of Emergency SOS is that it has the ability to display a screen for you with a three swipe bar; one of these bars enables you to have an access to your Medical ID, one allows you to put a call to local emergency services and the other bar allows you to switch off your iPhone whenever you feel like.

When you find yourself in some areas like China, you will have some choices to select which of the services you will be in need of. For instance, it is easy to put a call for an ambulance or the police, all you have to do is to swipe any of the three bars.

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To configure an Emergency SOS on your iPhone follow the given instructions below carefully:

  1. Visit your iPhone Settings it will display a lot of options.
  2. Stroll down to the option where you have the Emergency SOS.
  3. Click on the option.

To dial emergency services automatically all you have to do is to switch on the Auto Call on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. Take note of the loud noise that is being played during the countdown; this happens when you select the Emergency SOS on your iPhone. The countdown usually lasts for three seconds.

To terminate the call all you need to do is to select the Stop and End Call Options and you can also turn off the sound. If you choose to do that go to the Settings menu and click on the sound.

To add an Emergency Contact to your Medical ID in the Health app you need to get it from the Health app yourself or select Edit Emergency Contacts in Health.

The Emergency SOS is configured in such a way that it has an easy accessibility to your Emergency Contacts.

Therefore, it is such a remarkable feature of an iPhone, which allows you to dial any emergency services without having to know the exact number of someone’s iPhone and also prevent people from compelling you to unlock your phone either using your Face ID or Touch ID.