What to Do If Your Startup Disk Is Full on Mac?

by MacHelpAdmin

To clean up your full startup disk is the issue that cracks many Mac users nowadays. There are two possible ways, in which you can easily remove this problem and learn how to avoid such situations in the future. For experienced users, it may not be a problem. However, other people can spend hours to find a perfect solution. You can clean your disk manually, or you can download and install any trusted cleaning software. Among many applications that were made and designed for such purposes, we would like to recommend MacFly Pro. This app is capable enough to fix many issues of your MacBook and help you learn what to do when mac says startup disk is full.

How to Clean Up Startup Disk and Why Your System Needs It

Owning a MacBook can be a tough decision, and you have to be prepared for some inconvenient moments. For example, a 128GB model is always a reason of many headaches. Apple has decided to make an inclusion for its Mac OS when it requires disk space for normal system’s performance. However, sometimes it is hard to calculate the disk space, and as a result, your Mac startup disk is full. That is why you need to learn some simple rules and instructions.

How to Delete Files from Startup Disk on Mac and Increase Memory’s Performance

If you are looking how to fix this issue traditionally, without installing a special utility, the first thing you need to do is emptying the Trash bin. If you regularly keep your Trash bin empty, then it is not a problem for you.

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Removing files from the system does not mean you’ve deleted them completely. In some cases, your Trash Bin can contain megabytes or gigabytes of your old files.

Open your Trash Bin and delete all files you have there. Control-click the Trash icon on your dock and select Empty Trash.

Clear ‘Downloads’ Folder

If you used to download media files, such as movies, music or other content, you could see that ‘Downloads’ folder is the main reason why harddisk is full on Mac. Open your ‘Downloads’ and follow these steps:

  1. Sort all files by Date (select Last Opened, Added, Modified or Created) and start the cleaning.
  2. You can also choose other options, for example, sort them by sizes (if you need to clear your Chrome cache).
  3. It is possible to delete all files that you have from your contacts (photos, videos or documents).

Try to delete all files, since you need to make your disk space free. If you want to check how Mac drive is full, you can use the built-in utility. Go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to keep an eye on your system’s disk space to prevent many problems. If you are an experienced user, you can easily delete some files and free up some space by using a manual method. To achieve better results, you can install MacFly Pro or any other third-party fix the problem in a few minutes.