Few Ways of How to Get Rid of Other on Mac

by MacHelpAdmin

There is a chance that your space is full of other files and you need to know how to delete all of them. The main reason to proceed it is to make your Mac performance better. Other files may be a serious issue for your favorite laptop since they clog up your storage.

There are few methods of how to get rid of system storage on Mac. You can use a manual way of cleaning your storage or hard drive space, but it requires a lot of time. Moreover, you can accidentally delete important files or updates, which can be crucial for your system and some applications. In order to avoid such troubles, it is recommended to use third-party apps, like MacFly Pro.

If you noticed that your space is full of other files, then this application is the best solution for cleaning your Mac. After installing MacFly Pro, Smart Assistant will scan your system in order to find other files and will suggest you remove them immediately. Also, you are able to clean cookies on Mac through this app. The suggested software can help solve the problem, like how to get rid of time to clean your mac.

The ‘Purgeable’ category

The latest updates for macOS Sierra presented the feature of “Optimized Storage”. After you click on that, it removes all unnecessary files from your Mac and stores up your iCloud. In some way, it tries to keep some balance between files on Mac and iCloud. You can check your system storage graph in macOS, and most likely, you will see a new category – ‘Purgeable’. This one was created after you have used the “Optimized Storage” feature. The files under this category are all those that were moved to iCloud (including old documents). They may also include some cache folders or temp files to be moved in “Other” category. However, this also requires cleaning.

How to check your storage space

You want to know how much storage space you have remaining on your Mac device, and it is easy to check. Follow this path:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose the Apple Menu
  3. Select About This Mac
  4. Select Storage

You can see how many files you have under default categories, at the same time as you can monitor how much space the “Other” folder is consuming.

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How to remove cached files

Yet another annoying category you need to clean is cache files. Cache data is main space consumer under the category “Other”. You may start by removing items you do not use, including caches from your browser or iTunes as well. In order to proceed properly, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose Go
  3. Click Go to Finder
  4. Type the next command into the text box: ~/Library/caches
  5. Choose the app folder you wish to delete the cache files from
  6. Right (or control) click on this app folder
  7. “Move to Trash”

How to remove download files and old backups in iTunes

The reason of your disk space being full can be download files. You can remove these files in few clicks: Finder > ‘Go’ menu > Downloads. Then select the files you wish to delete. Right-click on that files and “Move to Trash”.

The same action you are able to proceed with your old backups in iTunes.

  1. Open your iTunes.
  2. Select “Preferences”.
  3. Choose “Devices”.
  4. Choose the “backup” you wish to remove. Be aware of not deleting the most recent backups.
  5. Choose “Delete Backup”.

All these instructions mentioned above can help you remove other files from your MacBook. However, it is highly recommended to proceed this action with a trusted application. If you are going to use MacFly Pro, you can delete all junk files in few minutes or in few clicks. Make sure you follow this guide completely and your space will be free from all junk.