iPhone X Camera Review: Mind-Blowing Features

by MacHelpAdmin

It has been an amazing year for the iPhone X so far, the amazing demands and purchases have been off the roof. Let’s take a look on the camera of this particular phone.

New Great Camera Feature – The Size

Using iPhone X feeling just great since I’ve been using plus models for some time because I liked the battery life and other peculiar features. Plus models are great for taking pictures, share images and emailing. But the size is, somehow, inconvenient as it’s hard to hold the phone in one hand and it seems a bit heavy.  iPhone X takes care of this problem. The diagonal measurement of the X screen is 5.8” while the 8 plus is 5.5″. You can hold the phone with one hand unlike the 8 and 8 plus which allows you to capture the larger image while shooting.

Improved Telephoto Lens

In iPhone 7 plus telephoto lens got a very great improvement. Yet they were less quality compared to the wide lens, most especially in a low light. Good news is that Apple invested so much this year to improve the quality of their lenses. For the X the lens specs are 28mm @f/1.8 and 52mm @f/2.4. Undoubtedly, it is a great improvement since the Plus was 56mm @f/2.8. This means the lens can allow light pass through it faster in a low light environment, minimize noise and reduce motion blur. It gives you the feeling as you are using a Pro Camera.

Quicker portrait mode response

The X telephoto lens now have optical image stabilization. So, therefore, you have less to worry about camera shake and low light performance. While shooting with this lens even in a low light, there is less noise, quicker autofocus and great shutter speed (reduce blur).

Beautiful screen

The iPhone X has one of the most amazing displays out there. Its color sequence is amazing, contrast is pretty cool. The screen will always make you want to capture one thing or the other. Under a very bright light it can be challenging seeing the screen but on the X it’s much easier to work under bright lights because of its contrasts and screen brightness adjustments.

The black of the OLED is really cool most especially when used on the lock screen. At nights you can visibly see the difference in the screen between the 8 and the X.

Dolby Vision

Apple did a very good job by incorporating Dolby vision across its ecosystem (iPhone 8, 8 plus, X, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4k). Dolby’s team is usually interested in the science of sounds and sight. Now, we can carry devices around in our pockets with Dolby Vision integrated into them. It will be great to see Dolby integrated into the iMacs and MacBook Pros.

Rear/front Portrait camera

In the X the technologies associated with the front and rear camera are different. In the rear camera, there are two lenses, thus, requiring more light and also use of the telephoto lens. The two lenses are used to create its depth map. While the front camera has just one lens and uses the TrueDept camera to create its dept Map. So, with its own inbuilt infrared, it requires very little or no light to create a depth map for a nice portrait.

Slow –sync shutter test

In the review for the 8 plus, one of the interesting things that stood out was the slow-sync flash comparison with the 7 plus. When I tested the iPhone X, there is a clear 2 seconds difference between the 7 plus.

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Necessary change

Users are always eager to lay hands on something new, most people find it fascinating to try something totally different and sometimes this feeling is really cool. But other times I guess you just want to stick with what you truly know and understand. In the early days of the iPhone, there was always a radical change from design but the last four years has been stuck with a particular design until the release of the X. Now, users can’t still comprehend the home button is totally gone, I bet most people still involuntarily press the space for the home button. It happens to me most of the time I must confess. It’s going to take some time to get used to the Face ID.

Useful Tips

Reachability is still present

Most users usually just double click on the home button to reduce the screen to half so they can easily access it using their thumb. Well do not worry you can still use this feature in X but first, you need to go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Reachability.  Switch it on and afterward swipe down at the bottom of the screen and it will pull the top down.

Battery percentage

Most users like to know the life shelf or percentage of their battery. On other series of the iPhone, you can always see this in the right-hand corner of the top screen. Having this knowledge is very useful as it helps you plan what to do with the phone and what not to engage in. On a first glance, you might think it’s totally taken out in the X as the home button was. But, this is not the case as it is hidden in the control center. So, if you want to check your battery percentage just swipe down from the top right corner.

Easily switch between apps

Switching between apps have not been easier, works just like the command-tab by swiping across the bottom of the screen. This comes in handy when, for example, you want to switch between camera and notes.

Camera Button

The camera button is on the lock screen and you can also access it by swiping left as in previous versions. I like the shortcut but will be glad if someday I see the 3D touch menu that allows you to jump directly to different styles of shooting.

Better Mic

Though, there is not much information about this anywhere but, seems the Mic on the X is better. Apple confirmed that it’s still the same hardware but they only worked on tuning the microphone to better capture dynamics. From my own observation, I feel its audio is more deep and rich.


The iPhone X is really cool, it’s pretty, fast, and when capturing images its fun. The screen is large and fun to share the image on. The improvement to the telephoto lens makes the fun even better.

This is a guest post written by Elizabeth Webster. Elisabeth is an independent and enthusiastic blogger who is interested in testing and writing about any tech novelties.