Mac Address Book

by MacHelpAdmin

People always wonder what is the use of address book outside the traditional function of storing names. Sometimes, they do not see the relevance of this application or its usefulness in everyday processes. Well, you are about to have a different view and opinion regarding the Mac address book. True you may not know that this application does not work alone, it cooperates with other applications to make your life easier.

For example, if you have full contact details saved up in your address book, there is no need to always retyping all details each time you want them. What I mean is, if you are composing an email and you type in the name (Jon Doe) in the “TO” field, the system automatically inputs the email address belonging to the name into the necessary field. In another example, in a situation, you want to get the details of a particular contact you have saved in the address book all you have to do is to click on the name and all the relevant details show up under such name and you are good to go. So without any doubt, I can say that the Apple’s Address book will make your digital life easier.

1. List of groups

When you open the Address book application page, the first column you see is the list of groups. Here, you also will find the ‘ALL’ groups. Every contact you have saved up in your address book will be seen here. Later you will learn how to create your own group as you read on.

2. List of all the people/companies in a group

When you select a group in the first column, you will see all the contacts available in that group shown to you here in the second column.

3. Information viewing

The third column will reveal all the details and information you have saved up of any contact in the second column.

4. Search

There are situations where you have loads of contacts and, sometimes, it’s crazy when trying to get to the right one. Using the search option can help. As you type, hits appear and if you see what you are looking for just click and all details will be shown.

When adding a new contact you will have to use the ‘PLUS’ button. If you hit this button, a page will open where you have to fill out details about the contact. Details like email, name, addresses, company, date of birth and so on. All these details usually appear in the third column as shown above.

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If you have a need to make some additions or corrections to saved details, you can do so using the ‘EDIT’ button. Clicking this button will open all details about the contact, make the necessary corrections and hit the button one more time to get it saved.

Editing a contact’s information

Most times, we fill in details under our contacts and discover we left some important information out and we need to add some little detail. Do not worry this can easily be fixed using the “Edit” button. You have to click on the button and do all the required adjustments. After this, you must click one more time on the button to ensure all adjustments are saved.

Creating groups

Creating groups is a very easy way to keep track of contacts and also making it easy to find them when the needed. Creating a new group is quite easy, there is usually “PLUS” button, which is what we use when we need to create a new group. After you click, you will see a new page and you are required to name this new group. Now you will want to add the desired contacts to this group. Go back to the “All” group and find the names you want and drag-and-drop them into this new group. Don’t worry about losing your contacts, as they still remain in the ‘All’ group.

Smart groups

Everyone likes when someone else or something else doing the job for them while they sit back and relax, right? Mac Address book can actually go ahead to help you create groups while you just chill out. Tell Mac what you want and insert the criteria and see the magic happen. For instance, you can decide to instruct Mac: I need a group of contacts from the city (Paris) or to create a group beginning with the alphabet D.

To be able to do this you need to pick on the cogwheel button. Then, pick the “New Smart Group” and give a name to this group. When you finish, all contacts that match those criteria will become visible in that group.

Export and import of the contacts

The address book is built upon vCard-standard so it’s very easy for you to share contacts with family and friends who use Microsoft Outlook or other similar contact application. When you drag a contact to your list a confirmation page will open up and if you want to proceed, you confirm this by clicking on yes. The same process when you want to export contacts.