10 Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and iPad

by MacHelpAdmin

Take care of your iPhone just as much as it does for you in a relentless mode. Now smartphones, laptops, and computers play a significant role in our everyday life, and they’ve actually become our reliable friends. It’s true, just think about how much time you spend with your smart machine and how much it does for you. Both iPhones and iPads store our valuable data, photos and videos, originals or copies of documents, and so on. In fact, they are a very important repository of information about our lives, in which, we can say, we live.

Again, emphasizing the tremendous value of smartphones, we conclude that we need a very smart and reliable antivirus program. We need an antivirus that protects our iPhones and iPads from various types of viruses and malware. Not surprisingly, the more threats appear in the digital world, the more different antivirus software is created. But since we are looking for the best and most unique of them, I suggest reviewing the top 10 coolest antivirus programs on the iTunes Store. This might greatly facilitate your search and save precious time.

Try These Antiviruses to Protect Your iPhone and iPad

1. Lookout Mobile Security

The first antivirus application that I recommend using is Lookout. It’s free on the iTunes store, but you can upgrade to premium version to get more features.

The security options Lookout offers are the following:

  • Full protection from viruses and harmful files.
  • Backing up personal data (images, videos, contact information, etc.)
  • Showing the last location of your iPhone before you lost it or get hacked.
  • Persistent alerts about the nearest iOS updates, etc.

You can download this security app on your Apple Watch, and once you lose your iPhone, you will be able to call your device. Moreover, the program locks your smartphone so that no one has an access to it.

2. McAfee Security

The next valuable and free antivirus software for iPhone is McAfee Security. This useful tool has long been popular among all Apple users, offering efficient protection for iPhone. Check out its main features:

  • A pin used for hiding and locking photo albums and videos.
  • A “Secure Snap” album to protect your snapshots from third parties.
  • Backing up contacts.
  • Showing the last location of your iPhone or iPad, and more.

3. MobiShield

The latest update of Mobishield occurred on May 22nd and proved that this antivirus program is very effective. To install this application, you will need to pay a small amount of money – just $1.39 and you will get everything you need to protect your iPhone.

Mobishield provides:

  • Backing up and recovering contacts.
  • Frequent system updates to detect possible threats or viruses.
  • Battery life and storage monitoring.
  • Scanning connected networks.
  • Preventing data charges when a traffic limit happens.

4. Norton Mobile Security

You might have heard of Norton as the all-favorite producer of different programs. Now, there has appeared a helpful antivirus protection software – Norton Mobile Security. When you get this application from iTunes store, you receive:

  • Backing up and recovering your contacts.
  • Switching important data and contacts between multiple devices.
  • A “Scream” alarm feature to warn when the phone is lost.
  • Finding and calling the missing device, and other things.
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5. Byte Labs

Another interesting app you may use to secure your iPhone or iPad is Byte Labs. This antivirus program is free of charge but includes some in-app purchases. Byte Labs guarantees a complete protection of your smartphone, as well as some features including:

  • System scanning for detecting harmful apps or websites.
  • Blocking malware, websites, and trackers.
  • Warning of system violations and the presence of viruses.

6. Trend Micro Mobile Security

If you want to get one of the best antivirus software for the whole time, then you will need to wait a bit for the appearance of Trend Micro Mobile Security. This antivirus app is going to be an effective assistant to provide high-quality security for iPhones and iPads.

  • Trend Micro is paired with Safari to keep it safe.
  • It alerts about any scam websites and dangerous applications.
  • Trend Micro backs up your contacts.
  • With Trend Micro, you can manage your data usage.

7. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Antivirus is another great free program that requires a registration to use its features. If you don’t mind creating an account and filling in private data, then you’re welcome to use Avira’s beneficial functions.

Avira offers:

  • System scanning to detect malicious software.
  • Checking for latest iOS updates.
  • A “Yell” alarm to inform you when the device is lost.
  • An identity checker to keep the iPhone safe.
  • A website caller for the lost device to find it.

8. F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure Safe is a worthwhile antivirus application to provide absolute security to your smartphone. Download this program for free, and you will get:

  • Browser scanning for blocking malicious websites.
  • Helps find and get access to safe banking sites.
  • Child safety functions.

9. VirusDetector Pro

VirusDetector Pro is worth considering if you want to protect an iPad or iPhone. You may find it in the iTunes store and download for your MacOS. Some of the features include:

  • Scanning Dropbox and Google Docs files.
  • Scanning the files or data you send to make sure they are virus free.
  • Recording websites and apps to find potential threats.

10. VirusBarrier

The last antivirus program I’d like to present is VirusBarrier – a small security software that offers efficient protection but, unfortunately, has recently been removed from the App Store. Its main features are:

  • Personal data protection (photographs, videos, documents, and contacts).
  • Scanning and saving email attachments.
  • Scanning Dropbox and zipped files.

To sum up, I hope you will find a beneficial and trustworthy antivirus software for your iPhone or iPad. The only thing you should remember is that a good antivirus always takes care of your device by constantly monitoring its overall condition.