Top 10 iOS 11 Features on iPhone and iPad

by MacHelpAdmin

Your iPhone or iPad will face big and spectacular changes – Apple has finally launched an official version of the new mobile operating system. We have been waiting for this event for a long time to finally find out what the technological giant has prepared for us this time.

Just recently, on Tuesday, Apple released its newest version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. According to experts and the most dedicated fans, the features of iOS 11 surpasses all possible expectations. And still, iOS 11 can even be considered the best and most ambitious version for iOS lately.

Are you ready to update your old iOS? Then go ahead, back up your iPhone and iPad right now! But first, consider the brand-new features of iOS 11, without which it will be difficult to imagine the life in our modern world.

Best iOS 11 Features You Can’t Live Without

1. Siri is getting better again.

We are all used to the fact that Siri’s performance gets improvements each time Apple releases a new software update. What about Siri in the new iOS 11? Siri receives an enhanced and helpful visual interface for the user. This type of interface allows you to edit your voice request using text input. Now, it has a new voice and can translate phrases from English into Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages.

2. Customizable Control Center.

Control Center in the new version for iPhone and iPad has become more customizable and convenient. For example, in the previous iOS 10, it occupied two panels, and to adjust the volume, you had to go to the second panel. The new iOS 11 combines these panels and uses 3D Touch technology. Also, you can customize the controls on the panel (add them for quick access to the Wallet, activate an energy saving mode, or start Screen Recording).

3. Stunning Live Photo effects.

With the new iOS 11 on your iPad, you’ll want to make more “live” snapshots, that is, moving images. When you take a Live Photo on your updated smartphone, you can add effects, for example, a loop effect or similar one to an Instagram Boomerang. Also, you are given the opportunity to make a long exposure shot.

4. Drag-and-drop on iPad.

iOS 11 enables better multitasking on iPad, which means creating multiple pairs of applications. With this extra feature, you are able to make up pairs of apps, but the real potential can be seen when you can drag data between those apps on your iPad. So, you can drag-and-drop links, images, files and other stuff between apps in Split View or Side Bar mode.

5. Markup screenshots.

Whenever you take a screenshot of your iPhone, it automatically stays floating in the lower left corner. You can drag it offscreen to save it to a camera roll, or you can click on it to go to the Markup. Furthermore, you can add handwritten notes or comments with your finger or Apple pencil if you use the iPad Pro.

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6. Do Not Disturb While Driving mode.

With iOS 11, you can drive your car without being distracted by phone calls, messages, switching songs, navigation, etc. Turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving option in your updated iPhone via Control Center, Bluetooth or CarPlay. Moreover, you can manage this mode and change settings the way you like. Go to Do Not Disturb Settings and select people whom the application will respond automatically, this will limit the number of incoming calls and messages and make driving more comfortable.

7. Social profiles in Apple Music.

The other interesting feature iOS 11 brings to your iPhone or iPad is the availability to create social profiles in Apple Music. The procedure is very simple: open Apple Music app on your smart device and make up your own account. You may use your profile to share your favorite music, artists, or albums, or see what your friends enjoy listening. However, this can only be performed with public accounts, since Apple Music enables private profile pages too.

8. QuickType keyboard improvements.

iOS 11 has prepared some benefits for the software keyboard on both iPhone and iPad. From now, you can switch to the one-handed mode with a single click of a button. Press-down on the globe icon, and select a one-handed keyboard, which brings all the keys closer on the left or right side of the screen. This is certainly useful since you can reach all letter keys, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, and even emoji with one hand.

9. Document scanner in Notes.

The other reason why you should update your iOS is a new document scanner available in Notes. Sometimes, we need to scan the hand-written text and transform it into a document – now it’s as simple as … Open the Notes app on your iPhone, press the plus sign (+), and open the document scanner. You can scan several documents, and export them as PDF files, or just save inside Notes.

10. Search for handwritten Notes.

Another cool feature of iOS 11 to consider in this article is the ability to search for things written by hand in Notes. Really, if you have a habit of taking notes with your fingers or the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro, now you are able to find them easily in Notes.