12 Essential Apps for Your Brand-New iPhone

by MacHelpAdmin

I think everyone would like to improve the productivity of their gadgets, make them cooler and more astonishing. Not always built-in applications on the iPhone completely satisfy users, so they look for and download popular new items from the App Store. Well, that’s right, because there you will see an unrealistically large collection of different applications, and you will definitely find something suitable for yourself. But how to choose the best options among thousands or even a million available?

We have prepared this article to help the iPhone owners choose perfect apps. We have collected 12 best and effective things that will not leave anyone indifferent. Regardless of whether you want to make the most of your iPhone’s potential, increase its productivity, or simply embellish, we recommend considering the following options.

1. Sky Guide

Sky Guide is admired from the first minutes of use. This delightful application is available to everyone – only $ 2.99 on the App Store, and you get an incredibly beautiful galaxy for your iPhone due to augmented reality. Open the Sky Guide application, bring your phone to the night sky, and with built-in sensors, you’ll be able to identify stars, planets, constellations, get detailed information about their whereabouts, and also read data from the International Space Station.

2. Dark Sky

Every second across the planet, people check the weather forecast for the current or following day. What should I wear tomorrow? Should I take an umbrella with me? Will I be able to sunbathe tomorrow? When does it start snowing? People are concerned about these and similar questions very frequently. We suggest considering this weather forecast app – Dark Sky. For only $3.99 in the online store, this tool offers accurate and correct forecasts for every city in the world. You can manually configure the function of individual weather alerts at a specific time of a day. Also, you may download this app to your Apple Watch and use it easily even on a small screen.

3. Overcast

Overcast is a very interesting and useful application, working on the principle of “a podcast player”. Yes, Apple already has its own app for podcasts, but it is worthy to download Overcast, at least for the fact that it’s free. With this smart application, you can create playlists with your favorite podcast channels, hook into what your friends are listening to, and share best podcasts with others.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most efficient and popular applications downloaded in recent times. Apple’s Maps works well on iOS, but it needs some improvements in searching for POIs. Google Maps (for a second, a completely free app) copes with this task better, than its competitor.


You not only know the location of the desired object, but you can also view the street right in the application to get the maximum detail.

5. Citymapper

Another efficient free maps app available in the App store is Citymapper. Citymapper works successfully on both iPhone and Apple Watch and is a very powerful navigator. You name the place where you are, and the street where you want to go, and it builds a route for you in a matter of seconds.

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Citymapper defines the shortest path on foot, by car or public transport in real time, checking everything down to the smallest detail.

6. Fantastical

This interesting small application is much better than the Apple’s equivalent – don’t you believe it? A reasonable price of $4.99 on App Store and convenient design make this calendar app a nice improvement to your phone. There’s nothing difficult with Fantastical: type in your appointment and it will be added to the Work calendar immediately.

Fantastical uses a huge range of colors, denoting different appointments, so try not to get confused with your events!

7. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet is a brand-new digital notebook, available on your iPhone or Apple Watch. We all have many important things that we either write down or try to remember. But all these Wi-Fi passwords, photo sizes, phone numbers, access codes from doors, etc. are very important, so we need a reliable store. You write these pieces of important data in a free Cheatsheet application, assign icons to identify them, and later easily find them in the system.

8. Keynote

Keynote ($ 9.99 on the App Store) has proven to be a good substitute for Apple’s Power Point. In Keynote, you can edit your presentation made on your Mac or manually create ready-made slides for presentation. Interestingly, by connecting Keynote to the Lightning port on your iPhone, you can display the presentation directly on your smartphone.

9. Camera+

Filters for Camera +, of course, are not the best, but what you can do with your photos makes this iPhone app one of the coolest. With Camera +, you can crop and resize photos, play with light, temperature and sharpness, change exposure and set focus, control white balance and shutter speed, and select the adorable effects for pictures. Only $ 2.99 and you are a professional photo editor.

10. VSCO

VSCO has become extremely popular due to its unique and beautiful filters. This is probably one of the best free photo editing software for iPhone, although there are some in-app purchases (of those same filters).

VSCO has quite good tools for image editing, these are focusing, playing with light and shades, white balance, saturation, fade, sharpness, and of course, an incredible variety of eye-popping filters.

11. Tweetbot

There is a pretty application to become the substitute for the well-known Twitter – it’s called Tweetbot ($4.99 on App Store). This application has no fewer functions and features than the official Twitter app, and in many ways, it is even more convenient to use.

This is a clever and fast application with using manual settings: you add mute filters to the tape to make your stream more interesting and watch those who like, quote or reply to your recent tweets.

12. Monument Valley

The last valuable application for your iPhone is Monument Valley, which you can find online at a price of $3.99. This is actually a smartphone game, but very unusual and interesting. This puzzle game captures with its colors, designs, animations, graphics, and soundtracks. Monument Valley is a magical little game that will hook everyone!