Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

by MacHelpAdmin

A few manipulations on your photo can lead to the mind-blowing results. So if faced with choices, which of the editing software will you go for? Getting an editor will require the consideration of many factors from the cost, the features, and what you like to do with the app. Markup screenshots and manipulate pictures easily using these editing tools. What may seem suitable for you may not sit well with someone else. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not. Below is a list photo editing software you can choose from.

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 ($99.99)

This software has not fallen short in any way as there are new cool features that came with it, making your editing experience even better. So what exactly are the things you can do with this cool software? Changing backgrounds, the addition of artistic overlays, add watercolors, make a double exposure, create text photo, add motion blur, customize frames, fix tilted photos, getting rid of haze, and more.

The array of things that can be accomplished with this program is amazing and you can basically customize any photo to suit your needs.

2. Affinity Photo ($49.99)

I think most professionals will agree with me that this remains the best editing software tool out there. The interface is smooth and with a huge toolset. It’s fast and really lets you create masterpieces. Let’s see some of the things you can do with Affinity Photo. Correction of images, highlight, clone, patch, dodge, eradication of red-eye, with the brushes you can create a clean image.

Certain changes to images sometimes can produce a very good result when you know the right selections. Using many layers and filters, you can make complex images. Photoshop files are fully supported and you can easily swipe files between two apps while still retaining the authenticity of the image. Multitasking is another thing you can enjoy when using this editing software. Work on something else while editing images in the background.

3. Adobe Lightroom ($9.99/month)

This software is built for those who like to work on their photos irrespective of their present location. It’s a cloud-based photo service. It allows you to edit photos from any browser as soon as you are logged in.

You get 1TB cloud storage when you sign up for this service alongside some powerful features. There is a backup service with the storage and all your original pictures are kept safe and you can easily find any picture using the search keywords.

The interface is interactive and there are adjustments tools that make working with this app interesting. Apart from editing, you can produce graphics, web pages, and videos with the help of Adobe Spark. It comes with your subscription. There is a built-in tutorial that will help you learn all you need to know.

4. DxO PhotoLab ($99)

When it comes to the creation of JPEG and RAW images of high quality then this is the editor to go for. Some of the benefits of using these tools include solving lightning issues, creating great contrast, automatically fixing any measurement and calibration issues.

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You may choose to make a correction to a certain part of the image by selecting the part and using filters, brushes and automatic repair to fix it.

5. GIMP (free)

There is a very close similarity with Photoshop and lots of people have said GIMP is quite easy to use. This software stands out as one of the best editors available. Its functions range from simple functions like cropping, resizing to more advanced roles like creating transparent backgrounds, removing blurs and much more. People of any profession can use GIMP. Graphic designers, scientists, engineers can find this tool very useful. You are able to make as many changes as you want and you can create amazing photos from simple pictures. Gimp is modular software and can be extended. You can make the software do whatever you want by adding extensions and plug-ins.

6. Krita (free)

Krita is an open-source digital program with a design targeting at digital painting and making of art workflows. However, it can still do the basic functions of cropping and image adjustments. Here are some of the features that make this editor cool, the line tool looks almost like the one you find in Corel Painter so it’s quite easy to draw straight lines. Easy accessibility of the color picker and brushes because they are displayed right on the screen. The Kaleidoscope tool is one you certainly want to try out as it can apply some really cool effects on images. You cannot be into digital painting and not have Krita.

7. Photoscape X (free)

Photoscape is not Photoshop but many Mac users have found it very helpful. It has the basic editing tools and comes with seven features. The features are Animated GIF, Batch Editor, Editor, Merge, Page, Print, and Viewer. There are great film filters and cropping ratio is very nice. Sadly there are no layers. In general, you will find this tool useful when it comes to any basic editing needs.

8. Pixlr Editor (free)

This editor works like Photoshop and it’s an online photo editor. You can create and upload a new image. Very easy to use when you are already familiar with the basic editing tools. You are able to crop, fill, smudge and do other changes to images. You have the one-click manipulation that you can use in different ways like sizing, rotation, inversion, saturation adjustments, and more. With the easy tutorial guide, you are able to use this tool like a pro. The downside is the lack of enough support but you can get enough information from their blog.

Bottom line

You can create mind-blowing images using the Mac editing software. Chose any one or two of the editors above and you will be glad you did. They all come with free trial periods after which you can decide if you like to make any financial commitments.