Best Mac NTFS Software in 2017

by MacHelpAdmin

To transfer files between two computers is not easy most particularly when it comes to moving files from the Windows to the new macOS High Sierra. Normally, macOS High Sierra is meant for reading and writing a FAT Formatted hard drives.

But in the Windows World, The New Technology File System is well-known, having a fast access speed and a large volume in terms of size. The macOS High Sierra can’t be used to write on NTFS formatted files but for reading NFTS formatted files. With the aid of some trusted app, the role of reading and writing on NFTS drives will be possible.

Although, various apps claim to be the best for MAC NFTS files thus giving room for the purpose of deletion, modification, and alteration of files on NFTS drives. Among the many NTFS for Mac programs, below is the list of best apps with their details that can be used for providing you the total access to NFTS drive.

1. Paragon NFTS

This is known to be the fastest Mac NTFS program. This app gives room for you to be able to read and write on NTFS drives with a speed of up to six times more than that of other rivals. Also, it can help you control the NTFS drives more easily and faster.

This software is not only competent in terms of its speed but also has the ability to write and read NTFS drives of various sizes, thus enabling you to read and write from any capacity of NTFS flash drive ranging: from low to high. You can either use a light or dark theme. It has a simple interface which makes it easier for you to access the Menu bar.

2. Tuxera

It is known to be efficient in enabling NTFS writing on Mac with less difficulty. It is capable of deleting, renaming and even adding files and folders to NTFS formatted drives, thus, fulfilling what it promises. It is capable of functioning regardless of the macOS version you have.

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It is able to protect all data inputted into the drive because the Tuxera NTFS for Mac also brings along a caching layer which protects all the data kept in the drive. Note that purchasing a Tuxera NTFS for Mac provides you with free Tuxera disk manager software which can control all the drives in Mac.

3. Mounty

If you do not want to spend much and yet wish to get the best app, go for Mounty. It creates room on Mac to be able to maintain, write and read files which are stored in NTFS drives.

An alert normally pops up whenever you insert a new NTFS formatted drive reminding you to try and activate writing. Writing on NTFS drives using Mac shouldn’t be a problem because all that is required to have the best Mac NTFS Software. You will be glad if you pick any app from listed above but it is also advisable that you go for the most effective and reliable apps.

Using the free Mac programs does permit you to write on the NTFS drives but might not be able to control and secure the content that you have stored on the drive. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the paid apps because they are faster, more controllable and secure. Some of the apps come with a file manager that allows you to manage all the hard drives on Mac.

In choosing an efficient NTFS writing software go for Paragon NTFS 15 because in terms of speed it is the fastest and has an easy access to NTFS drives.