Top Five Free Mac Games You Need to Start Playing

by MacHelpAdmin

It’s true that most of the Apple users are aware of the free games present on the latest iPhone and iPads but do not know they can also play free games on the Mac OS. Visit the Mac App store to see many gaming apps that will keep you glued to your device. Below is a list of top best free games that you need to try out.

Alpine Crawler

This game is very easy to play; it’s a simulation game where you have a control of different vehicles from the 80’s. You have to drive from one point to the other before a certain time elapses. You do not need to control the direction of the vehicle; the main focus is on the speed. You need to be focused, since you driving in the Alps, so if you go too fast your vehicle might just flip over. If you decide to drive too slow then you will not be able to climb the mountainous paths.

Remember, in the beginning, I told you how easy it is to play this game. Well, all you require is the use of three buttons. The up button for acceleration, the down button for decreasing your speed and the space bar allows you to switch between forward and reverse movements. Guess the uniqueness of this game is already clear to you, as it’s not your normal track racing game.


This game has a very unique and simple concept. You will have control over a virtual skate and with the use of your fingers and swiping, you can perform loads of tricks and great stunts. It requires a little time to know the basics but you will still need to learn to be able to pull off real crazy moves like kickflips and heelflips.

Frontline Commando

Imagine all your crew has been killed during an attack, with you left standing alone. It’s not over yet as the ruthless dictator just ordered his Horde of forces to come get you. Can you handle them and survive? Will you take revenge for your crew and kill the forces? These questions can be answered when you play the Frontline Commando.

Now you know you will be alone against many enemies. You will need the use of all your skills to ensure you fight off the entire aggressors and be the last man standing. The fun is wild and captivating as you be shooting down helicopters, blowing away fighting war jeeps and trying to conquer the horde heading your way. As the game progresses so is the difficulty level. A full arsenal of weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, medical kits, armor, rocket launchers and more is available for you. This third-person shooting game will have you all day on your device so get ready for all the fun.

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Zombies Ate My Friends

Recently, people have been fascinated by Zombie movies, take the Walking Dead as an example. This game is the ultimate Zombie killer machine. You live in a city of Feasterville with a population of 4206 and most of it is zombies. In the game all you have to do is fight off these Zombies and to make progress you need to stay in a safe house and boarding it so no zombie can get in.

When you defeat the zombies, it’s time to explore the city and find more weapons. In the process, you might run into other survivors and help them. Earn awards and hidden surprises as you go along.

Contract Killer 2

The Contract killer 2 is a continuation of the first part of a Contract Killer. The player has to take control of Jack Griffin who happens to be an assassin. In this game, you are a ruthless killing machine and you have to complete every contract. Killing is your main source of income. A short tutorial video will be available for you at the start of the game where you learn different ways to go about assassinating your targets. As you progress in the game you will be able to buy more weapons with the earned money.

The higher the level, the more complicated the contracts get. There are cases when you require a particular type of weapon for a specific type of job but do not have money to buy it. Completing challenges can be a good source of generating money to get the necessary tools you need.